Snatch, clean and jerk like a pro: How to prevent injuries at the box

June 2, 2017

Don’t let an injury hold you back from reaching your fitness goals. High-intensity exercise during programmed fitness routines can lead to injuries. In this series of videos, Dr. Armando Vidal talks through ways to start safe and stay safe while at the box.

Safety tips at the box:

1. Pay close attention to technique. Allowing all the necessary muscles to work together will help you more easily achieve your goals.

2. Be careful not to overtrain or overuse muscles. Build in time to let tired muscles recover.

3. Assess your ability. Take into account any previous injuries you may have sustained and allow time to build a base in order to avoid injury.

4. Work on balance and build up core strength. These will help engage the appropriate muscle groups and activate stabilizing muscles.

5. Rest and nutrition are very important in any fitness regimen. Eating and sleeping properly will allow you to exercise effectively.

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