Orange you glad you had to eat steel?

Jan. 20, 2016

Sometimes it’s important for our leaders to take one for the team. Thus, UCH President and CEO Will Cook and Vice President of Strategy Michael Cancro, both Pittsburgh Steelers fans, swallowed their pride Jan. 19 and donned Denver Broncos jerseys – a grudging acknowledgement of the Broncos’ 23-16 divisional playoff victory over the Steelers Jan. 17.

The downtrodden pair refused the offer of a Terrible Towel to wipe away their tears, and they fell into one another’s arms crying themselves Three Rivers. But eventually the mood turned. The jerseys, both bearing Peyton Manning’s number 18, fitted the pair so well that their initial frowns turned upside down as hospital paparazzi snapped their photos.

Cook and Cancro finally finished horsing around and delivered a one-finger salute to the camera – the index finger, that is, in tribute to the team we can all agree is number one, at least in Colorado.