Mountain bike training to gear up for your season

Jan. 24, 2016

With mountain bike season upon us it’s more important than ever to prepare. Here are some mountain bike training tips from Dr. Jonathan Bravman at UCHealth Orthopedics to get your bike and your body ready to ride.

For your body, make sure you’re getting fit and limber by focusing on stretching and strength, including riding. Don’t neglect your upper body. Push-ups and seated rows are a great addition to any training routine. The core is the link between the three contact points of your bike. Even with the strongest legs around, if you have a weak core your legs can’t help you. Incorporate stretching into your routine, both pre and post ride. Don’t overdo it. Make sure you’re getting off the saddle regularly to prevent overuse injuries. Don’t neglect to check bike fit as well. Make sure bike height, seat positioning, and contact points are all squared away. Before you hop on the saddle do a thorough inspection, checking tire pressure and lock nuts to make for a safe ride.