Lucky eights for little Luciana?

Baby arrives at UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies at unique time and date combination
Aug. 19, 2018

LOVELAND, Colo. (Aug. 19, 2018) – It won’t be hard for family members to remember the exact time and date that Luciana’s Castillo was born.

She was born at 1818 hours on the 18th of August in the 18th year of the millennium at UCHealth Birth Center – Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland.

The date – 8/18/18 – is actually a palindrome date, which means it reads the same backward and forward. The time of birth, which is always recorded in military hours at the hospital, carried on the “18” theme to set the stage for a very unique circumstance.

Luciana is the newborn daughter of Erika Crespin and Derrick Castillo of Greeley.

Luciana Castillo is pictured with her big sister. Luciana was born at 1818 hours on Aug. 18, 2018, at UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland. She is the daughter of Erika Crespin and Derrick Castillo of Greeley.

Crespin, who is a native of Loveland, arrived at MCR about 9 a.m. Saturday ready to deliver her second child. About nine hours later, as the delivery was nearing, she thought it was fun that her daughter was going to be born on the unique date of 8/18/18, but it still hadn’t occurred to her that the specific time of birth would be just as fun.

With one big push, Crespin delivered Luciana at exactly 6:18 p.m. – or 1818 hours as it’s officially recorded – with the support of nurse midwife Erin Stoesz from Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado and the UCHealth birth center team.

“She cooperated quite well,” Crespin said about her newborn daughter’s impeccable timing.

One more fun numbers twist on Luciana’s birth: Her older sister is eight years old.

The numbers eight and 18, hold special significance – symbolizing luck, life, love and prosperity – in some cultures, according to a USA Today report on why Aug. 18 was such a popular for weddings this year.

Luciana’s birth date wasn’t the only palindrome date this month. Sunday actually wraps up a 10-day stretch of palindrome dates.


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