Girls on the Run: Snacks to Refuel

Dec. 30, 2014
a woman running with light and a sky behind her
Photo: Getty Images.

Greek Yogurt (6oz) and Granola Bar
195 calories, 20.5g Protein
Brown Rice (1/3 c) and Tuna (½ c)
210 calories, 18g protein
Balanced Yogurt Bar
200 calories, 15g Protein
Perfect Zero Bar
200 calories, 14g Protein
Go Lean Cereal (½ c) and Raisins (2Tbsp)
190 calories, 13g Protein
Low-fat Flavored Greek Yogurt
160 calories, 13g Protein
Luna Bar
190 calories, 12g Protein
Black Bean (½ c) Brown Rice (½c)
210 calories, 11g protein
Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey (1 Bar) with Skim Milk (8oz)
185 calories, 11g Protein
Oatmeal (½ c) cooked in milk (½ c)
195 calories, 10g Protein
Kashi Bar and an Orange
170 calories, 10g Protein
Nature Valley Nut bar with Danimal Yogurt Drink
180 kcal, 10 g Protein
Unsweetened Applesauce (3.9oz) with Pumpkin Seeds    (1oz)
210 calories, 8.6g Protein

String Cheese with an Apple
125 calories, 8g Protein
Yogurt frozen (4oz) and diced Almonds (12)
191 calories, 8g Protein
Trail Mix (1.5oz)
195 calories, 6g Protein
Peanut Butter (1.5 Tbsp) and an Apple
185 calories, 6g Protein
Kellogg’s Special K Protein bar with frozen Go-gurt tube
180 calories, 6g Protein

Other Snack Idea’s
(GF = gluten free)

10 sugar snap peas, 6 cherry tomatoes, 2Tbsp of ranch (GF)

205 calories, 3.3g Protein
Peanut Butter (2Tb) on a rice cake (GF)
190 calories, 9g Protein
Black Bean (1/3 c) brown rice wraps (6in) and salsa (1/4 c) (GF)
195 calories, 7g protein
Popcorn (3c) air-popped, light butter (1tsp) (GF)
125 calories, 3g protein
Turkey Sliders, Turkey (1oz), Swiss (1/2oz), Hummus (1.5 Tbsp.)
190 calories, 6g Protein
Homemade Fat-free pudding (4oz) with vanilla wafers (4)
160 calories, 5.5g Protein