Five reasons water is so important to your health

Adequate hydration is essential for your body to function.
June 25, 2024

We all know it is important, and we all know we should be doing it. But do we know why? Well, for starters, water makes up 60% of your total body weight and a startling 90% of your brain weight. Adequate hydration is essential for your body to function at all, let alone optimally. But if that isn’t enough to convince you, here are five fantastic reasons water is important to your health:

older man drinks water after a workout
Five reasons water is so important for your health. Photo: Getty Images.

Water boosts energy

Water delivers important nutrients to all of our cells, especially muscle cells, postponing muscle fatigue.

Water helps with weight loss

Water helps you feel full longer without adding any additional calories. Drinking water or eating foods with a high water content can be a big help in managing your weight.

Water aids in digestion

Water aids in constipation and other abdominal issues, especially for those suffering from IBS. Water helps to move the digestive process along and through the system.

Water detoxifies

It moves toxins through your system faster and optimizes kidney function. Inadequate hydration means inadequate kidney function.

Water hydrates skin

Forget expensive creams and cure-alls. Water is the best defense against aging and wrinkles in the skin.

The guideline recommended amount is eight glasses per day, though this varies from person to person. Those who exercise regularly, work outside or have chronic medical conditions should consume more water to compensate for more water loss.

Remember, water is your friend, and proper hydration is the key to good health.