Fighting flu symptoms? Get care at home with Virtual Urgent Care

Oct. 15, 2019

By Jessica Ennis, for UCHealth

A women looks like she doesn't feel good sits in front of her computer, getting ready to call her online doctor.
Online providers through Virtual Urgent Care can treat you at home. (Source: Getty Image)

If you’re suffering from the onset of flu-like symptoms, you may not have to drag your achy, feverish body out of bed to receive care. For otherwise healthy adults and children, Virtual Urgent Care from UCHealth is a quick and easy way to have a provider evaluate and treat your symptoms – without ever leaving your house. Virtual Urgent Care operates around the clock and most visits with an online provider can be scheduled within 30 minutes.

“For uncomplicated influenza – which means you’re a healthy person between the age 8 and 65 years old and you don’t have an underlying condition like heart or lung disease – a Virtual Urgent Care visit is an appropriate way to get care,” says Dr. Chris Davis, medical director for Virtual Health at UCHealth.

Is it the flu?

Typical flu symptoms include fever and body aches, which can be accompanied by chills, headache, cough, congestion, and even diarrhea. (If you’re having extreme symptoms or trouble breathing, a Virtual Urgent Care visit with an online provider is not the right fit – seek immediate care.)

If you’re seen within 48 hours of the onset of your flu symptoms, a Virtual Urgent Care provider will likely contact your pharmacy to fill a prescription for Tamiflu, which can help lessen the severity and duration of symptoms.

Can I see an online provider?

A photo of people with kleenix's to their noses who could be seen by an online doctor.
You don’t have to get our of bed to see an online provider through Virtual Urgent Care. (Source: Getty Image)

You don’t have to be an established UCHealth patient to use Virtual Urgent Care for care anywhere in Colorado. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone to log in to My Health Connection and schedule a Virtual Urgent Care visit with an online provider. Children 8 and older can be seen as long as an adult is present, and the child is registered with their own My Health Connection account.

Medicaid and most insurance plans are accepted, or you can elect to pay a flat fee. If a provider is unable to treat you via your Virtual Urgent Care visit, you won’t be charged.

Need another reason to seek care for the flu from the comfort of your couch? The flu is highly contagious, so staying home means you’re doing your part to help keep others from getting sick.

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