Businesses, schools, sports teams utilizing resources, expertise to reopen safely with careful planning

UCHealth offering employers across the state of Colorado access to resources to reopen safely after COVID-19 pandemic.
June 15, 2020

Aurora, Colo. (June 15, 2020) – In response to a number of employers and schools reaching out for guidance to reopen safely, UCHealth is providing businesses, sports teams and universities access to services and return-to-work guidance that ensure employees, customers, athletes and students stay safe and reassured.

“We have stood up extensive resources and a suite of services based on widespread community demand for guidance on how to safely reopen, protect the workforce, customers and students, and reassure the public,” said Dr. Richard Zane, chief innovation officer for UCHealth and chair and professor of emergency medicine for the University of Colorado School of Medicine. “This program meets the specific needs of individual employers across the state by bringing expertise and resources to design unique strategies to navigate the challenges of returning to work.”

UCHealth’s COVID-19 Employer Solutions resources include:

  • Customized strategy and planning.
  • Virtual employer clinic with dedicated employer nurse triage services and 24/7 support for employees. Features a screening tool for tracking an employee’s symptoms and current temperature each day prior to going to work.
  • COVID-19 testing strategy: COVID-19 PCR and antibody tests including sample collection.
  • At-home monitoring, with two levels of service for employee care from home including wireless physiological data collection and monitoring.
  • Virtual visits. Employees may schedule a virtual visit with a Virtual Urgent Care provider 24/7, eliminating travel time and expense and mitigating the risk of COVID-19 exposure.
  • On-site drug testing. Conduct on-site random drug testing for employees returning to work using saliva testing.
  • Workforce monitoring and electronic symptom reporting and attestation.

As part of the program, UCHealth offers immediate, 24/7 access for behavioral health assessments and services.

“In addition to an economic, physical and social impact, the pandemic has had an emotional toll as well and it is important for employers to be able to provide behavioral health services,” Zane said. “UCHealth can provide employees access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Employers are provided customized, evidence-based guidelines with individualized comprehensive next steps on safely returning to work by UCHealth’s team of medical experts – including the latest scientific updates, local and federal guidance, virtual workplace education, and strategies and tactics to minimize risk and exposure.

“Our access to real-time data helps us make informed recommendations to employers specifically designed for their workplace environment,” said Lori Japp, PA-C, UCHealth vice president of urgent care and employer solutions. “Using and adapting the same protocols and workflows that have been developed for our own employees, we are helping provide Colorado employers, schools and universities with the expert guidance they need to care for and maximize the health of their workers and students.”

UCHealth already offers a variety of health-related services to employers that include wellness programs, on-site screenings and occupational medicine clinics.

Employers interested in learning more should visit the program website here.