CPR Story: Stop the Silence

January 6th, 2015

Trish Byrne’s son, Kurt, is a recovering heroin addict.

(Courtesy Trish Byrne)

Blogging about her son’s heroin addiction was something Patricia Byrne did to cope. She didn’t expect the blog to go viral.

In the past decade, use of the drug has more than doubled nationally among young adults. Since 2007, the percent of Coloradans being admitted to treatment for heroin use has been rising.

Yesterday, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper told CPR News that it’s a pressing health issue for the state.

Trish Byrne and her son Kurt in July 2015.

(Courtesy Trish Byrne)

Byrne, of Westminster, Colo., saw her “Stop the Silence. Speak the Truth” blog get more than 500,000 visits after she posted her first piece.

Trish Byrne spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.


A snapshot of treatment admissions by substance in Colorado.

(Megan Arellano/CPR News)

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