Comprehensive Eye Care

For your overall eye health.

Primary care for your eyes

Our ophthalmologists are ready to take care of your overall eye health and any vision needs you might have. You can see us for a comprehensive eye exam if you think you might need glasses or contacts. You can come to us for regular eye exams to monitor your health due to diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

If you have undergone cataract surgery or have been treated in one of our specialty clinics and need a prescription for glasses, we’ll give you a comprehensive exam. You can also come to us for same-day appointments for eye infections, allergies, dry eyes, foreign bodies in the eye and other urgent needs.

A personalized plan
just for you

Our goal is to help you keep your overall eye health by preventing problems and addressing any current vision needs. For example, if you are on medications that can potentially impact your vision and need to be regularly monitored, we will work with your other doctors and set up the proper eye exam schedule with you. Make an appointment today so we can create your personalized plan together.

Comprehensive Eye Care

Dr. C. Rob Graef OD, Optometrist | UCHealth

Your eyes are in good hands


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