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For droopy and fallen eyelids

Your eyelids can change over time due to age or sun-damaged skin, making you look tired or sad. Eyelid surgery can correct this without obvious surgical scars. We treat the three ways you may have developed droopy eyelids:

  • Ptosis, when your eyelid itself droops or falls.
  • Dermatochalasis, when extra skin on your upper eyelid hangs over the eyelid margin.
  • Brow ptosis, when your eyebrow and forehead descend, pushing your eyelid and eyelid skin down.

In fact, you might be experiencing a combination of these problems.


If you need ptosis surgery, there are two possibilities. We may tighten the attachment of the levator muscle to your eyelid via an incision in the natural crease of your upper eyelid. Or we may tighten the muscle in the back part of your upper eyelid—Mueller’s muscle—via an incision on the inside of your eyelid. You may need to have extra skin and fat removed from your upper eyelid, called a blepharoplasty. We use an incision hidden in your upper eyelid crease so that it becomes almost invisible after it heals.

For brow ptosis


If you need brow lift surgery, we will tailor our techniques to your unique appearance and anatomy. This may involve:

  • A brow lift via a blepharoplasty incision.
  • An endoscopic brow and forehead lift using a small camera and instruments via tiny incisions in your hairline.
  • A pretrichial brow lift via an incision just in front of your hairline.
  • A direct brow lift via an incision just above your eyebrow.

Lastly, our eye surgeon will close the incisions with fine sutures or surgical glue for virtually no scarring.

Love your look

Our surgeons can also perform a cheek lift or full face-lift to give you your new look. Your case is unique, and our staff will work with you beforehand to ensure you understand everything including your recovery care. No matter what brought you to us, we’ll help you look the way you want.

Aesthetic services

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