Explore University of Colorado Health’s Executive Health Program (EHP) through these frequently asked questions. Find out more by calling 720-848-2370.

How long will my Executive Health physical take?
Can I use my insurance for the Executive Health Program?
How much does an Executive Health physical cost?
What do I wear to my physical?
Can I eat before my exam?
Will the physician I see for my Executive Health physical become my doctor?
Why don’t I get a full body scan as part of the Executive Health Program?
Can I get my prescription filled during my exam?
How do I pay for the Executive Health Program?
What if I have to cancel my visit?
Are the results of my Executive Health appointment kept confidential?
Do I need a referral from my doctor for the Executive Health Program?
Is the Executive Health Program only for executives?
“The Executive Health Program far exceeded my expectations. It is such a relief to have everything done at one time, including leaving with your results in hand. I would strongly recommend it to anyone that is serious about their health but has very little time on their hands. The staff is respectful and the facility is impressive.”

  • Greg Waters, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Sports Authority

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