Executive Health Program

The Executive Health Program at UCHealth takes personalized health care to a new level. It offers the most advanced medical care available to patients like you whose time is truly valuable. Your half-day visit will be customized around one of our wellness packages based on your gender, age, lifestyle and specific health history.

A half day is all it takes

A complete health screening

Your individualized consultations and planning will be a positive, educational experience. We focus on establishing all the dimensions of wellness. Your personalized plan will address anything that impacts your wellness, including your sleep and stress management.

Your package will include these services:

  • A complete review of your medical history and an extensive physical exam.
  • Comprehensive lab testing, including blood and urine.
  • Specialized diagnostic testing.
  • Same day results.

Optional service: pharmacogenomic visit

Make a pharmacogenomic visit with the pharmacist to learn how your genetics may affect your response to medications.

Personal service

In addition to your customized medical package, you’ll get these amenities to make the morning easy and comfortable:

  • Complimentary valet parking.
  • A personal coordinator to accompany you throughout your visit.
  • A private suite of exam rooms and a reception area.
  • High-speed wireless Internet access and other business amenities.
  • Continental breakfast, drinks and snacks.
  • Complete copy of your medical record provided electronically and by hard copy.

Pavilion suites

Enhance your inpatient stay with upgraded style and comfort.

Recovering in a Pavilion suite will make you feel more like you are at home or in a fine hotel than in the hospital. The 12th-floor view of the Rocky Mountains will inspire, a unique amenity that no other hospital in the region offers. These spacious, two-room suites are on a secure unit where you can control visitation.

A stay in a Pavilion suite also provides access to modern technology to help you stay connected, including high-speed wireless Internet, premium television, telephones, daily newspapers and more. Rest and recover in complete privacy with your family by your side.

Amenities include:

  • Combination patient and family room (540 sq. ft.).
  • Luxurious, private full bathroom.
  • Family room with sofa, chairs, dining table, computer, flat-screen TV and access to fresh air via sliding doors.
  • Rollaway bed for an overnight visitor.
  • Private chef consultation for individualized menu requests.
  • 24/7 care with dedicated nursing staff and world-class UCHealth physicians.

There is an out-of-pocket amenity fee not covered by any insurance. All other medical charges will be submitted to your insurance provider. Our staff is available 24/7 to assist with any need.

Your life, your goals

Your individualized consultations and planning will be a positive, educational experience. We focus on establishing all the dimensions of wellness. Your personalized plan will address anything that impacts your wellness, including your sleep and stress management.

Weight management is a common goal, so we have come up with multiple techniques that utilize technology to provide external accountability that will fit your life. We can also set up routine progress checks at your request, and our Bod Pod will track your changes in detail at follow-up appointments. Tell us your goals, and we will work together on your new, healthier lifestyle.

Get your lifestyle in a healthy rhythm

Expert consultation

As part of your program, you will meet with our wellness expert who is certified as both a registered dietician and exercise physiologist for a thorough review of your diet, exercise and weight goals.

During your appointment you will receive:

  • Bod Pod® measurements to determine your unique body composition.
  • A fitness test, a stress test or a VO2 max test.

Customized consultation on your lifestyle; including dietary habits, exercise habits, sleep habits, barriers to healthy choices, travel challenges and stress management regimen.

We will customize an approach for diet and exercise around behavioral changes that will have the biggest impact on your health. Our goal is to raise your level of health and wellness and maintain it for life.

Bod Pod®

Bod Pod is the gold standard in body composition testing, using cutting-edge technology to assess the quality of your body weight. This vital data helps us customize your new lifestyle plan and will help us track your progress through your life span.

This technology is used by the NFL, NASA and the Olympic Training Center with NIH research support.

Bod pod at UCHealth

Illustration of VO2max test

VO2max test

Our aerobic fitness level is expected to decline by about 2% annually after age 30. Low aerobic fitness levels are correlated with an increased risk of premature death.

One element of our overall fitness test is a VO2max carried out using a bike ergometer. The active part of the test is a 12-15 minute period during which the resistance on the bike increases steadily until the patient completes a maximum level of exertion.

Test reports show the patient’s maximum amount of oxygen consumption for a known bout of work, in addition to anaerobic threshold for the purpose of targeted training.

We use the VO2max test to assess current fitness levels, progress and changes throughout the life cycle.

Schedule an appointment

Personal attention and convenience are the cornerstones of scheduling your appointment at Executive Health. Appointments are available Monday through Friday.

Call or email us to make an appointment today:

  • Call 720.848.2370, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Email [email protected].
  • The Executive Health team will reach out to coordinate your visit.

Before you come in for this half-day appointment, you will have a pre-visit call with an Executive Health physician to discuss your medical history and concerns. This will allow for the physician to put together the best personalized itinerary for your visit.