Executive health program team

When you participate in the Executive Health Program (EHP), you tap into the extensive experience and expertise of a top-notch medical team.

University of Colorado Health hospitals and clinics are home to some of the nation’s most respected doctors who use the most advanced medical technologies. If you need additional testing or medical procedures, we will set up appointments with the necessary specialists.

EHP specialists & staff

During your Executive Health appointment, you’ll work primarily with one of our board certified internal medicine doctors—physicians who practice preventive medicine and treat common ailments.

Your Executive Health doctor spends a full 90 minutes with you, giving you an opportunity to ask questions, go over the results of your tests, and develop a personalized health plan.

Depending on your customized physical exam, you may also have appointments with various doctors and specialists:

  • Audiologist – Evaluates and treats hearing disorders and hearing loss
  • Cardiologist – Diagnoses and treats diseases of the heart and blood vessels
  • Gastroenterologist – Diagnoses and treats people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, stomach, and intestines
  • Ophthalmologist – Diagnoses and treats eye injuries and diseases and performs eye surgery

EHP staff members focused on your comfort and care include:

  • EHP Coordinator – Schedules all appointments associated with your visit; works with you to obtain your medical records; arranges pre-exam discussions, as appropriate; coordinates care with your family physician; also provides transportation and accommodation information to out-of-town guests
  • EHP Escort – Greets you at the front door upon your arrival and personally accompanies you to all of your appointments throughout the day
  • Nurse – Gathers your important vital signs and begins your lab work; all EHP nurses are registered with the state of Colorado
  • Nutritionist or Registered Dietitian (RD) – Helps prevent and treat disease through the use of nutrients found in food and supplements; EHP nutritionists are registered dietitians with extensive, ongoing training related to food and nutrition