Special EMS teams

At the ready: our teams of EMS professionals, trained for unique situations.

Tactical EMS team

UCHealth EMS has trained and placed a highly experienced group of paramedics with local law enforcement special weapons and tactics (SWAT) teams.

The tactical EMS team is made up of specially trained tactical paramedics, as well as a team leader and team commander. The team operates under an expanded scope of practice equipped with special medical gear. UCHealth tactical EMS team members attend all SWAT trainings and missions.

The tactical EMS team provides advanced emergency medical care to injured officers, hostages, suspects and the general public at the point of injury while on the scene during police activities.

EMS bike team

The UCHealth EMS bike team provides rapid medical response in congested areas where high traffic, large crowds, and restricted access can delay ambulance response.

With its capabilities to navigate all types of terrain in the area, the bike team is utilized in parks, large parking lots, congested downtown events, and local 5Ks or other road races. The most important benefit of an EMS bike team is a quicker response time—and quicker access to the patient. From basic life support to advanced life support, our bike team is adaptable to any event and situation.

In addition to its medical value, an EMS bike team is one of the most effective public relations and education tools used today. Children and adults alike are much more likely to approach paramedics on bikes than those stationed in a transport unit. Public recognition and acceptance of EMS bike teams have been tremendous.