Event medicine services

UCHealth EMS is proud to provide EMS standbys to the communities of Larimer and Weld counties. Our special events teams cover both small and large capacity events where there is an increased need for onsite health care.

Different levels of coverage

We offer multiple types of coverage for public and private events.

BLS ambulance: An ambulance staffed by two emergency medical technicians. The crew can provide basic life support and treat many common injuries and illnesses. ALS ambulances are available and can be called to come to the event if a higher level of care is required.

ALS ambulance: An ambulance staffed by a paramedic and an emergency medical technician. The crew can provide advanced life support and treat injuries and illnesses with a higher level of care.

Bike team: A team of two EMS personnel on bicycles. The crew has the same skills and same basic supplies as an ambulance-based crew, but can maneuver trails and crowded areas more effectively.

First Aid Station: Two additional crew members with a tent and supplies to set up a base area for the medical crew to work from. A first aid station can only be requested in addition to an ambulance.

EMS supervisor: A supervisor who can direct a larger medical team and act as the medical contact for other groups at the event such as police, fire department, or security.

BLS supplemental staffing: An additional emergency medical technician for the medical team.

ALS supplemental staffing: An additional paramedic for the medical team.

Transporting a patient to the hospital

In order to ensure continuous medical coverage for your event the EMS team will typically call for another ambulance to transport a patient to the hospital.

Scheduling event coverage and pricing

Please email [email protected] to work with our team on pricing and availability. We request notification at least 45 days prior to the event so that we can ensure appropriate staffing.

UCHealth LifeLine ground transport vehicle

Payment for event coverage

You will receive a final quote for services prior to the event. Following the event, an invoice will be sent from the UCHealth billing department to the contact information provided.