Event medicine services

Trusted EMS coverage for your next special event.

EMS events teams provide different levels of coverage

UCHealth EMS event response crewUCHealth EMS is proud to provide EMS standbys to communities up and down the Colorado Front Range. Our special events teams cover both small- and large-capacity events where there is an increased probable need for onsite health care, offering various types of EMS coverage for public and private events:

  • Ambulance crew
  • EMS supervisor
  • Bike team
  • First aid station and supplemental staffing

This level of coverage includes one ambulance stocked with standard equipment and supplies with two personnel on board. The crew is made up of either an advanced life support (ALS) crew which consists of a paramedic/EMT, or a basic life support (BLS) crew which consists of two EMTs.

The staff and equipment will remain on site of your event until the end, without interruption. If there is a need for a patron to be transported to a medical facility, the on-site crew will coordinate the transport via mutual aid to ensure event coverage will not be interrupted.

  • ALS ambulance, 2 crew members: $130/hour
  • BLS ambulance, 2 crew members: $120/hour

The operations supervisor is responsible for coordination and communication between event staff, UCHealth EMS teams at the event and other public service agencies represented on the scene.

  • EMS supervisor: $80/hour

When large crowds gather, getting to a patient can present special challenges. Our team of certified EMS cyclists brings advanced medical care that works in tight spaces and large crowds. The team consists of two crew members and a complete kit of medical equipment.

  • Bike team, 2 crew members: $80/hour

We can set up a first aid station at a static location with a tent, tables, chairs, and ALS or BLS equipment.

First aid stations are useful to support mobile teams at organized runs and large events and are staffed with either an ALS or BLS crew. Supplemental staffing can be requested in addition to the first aid station crew to work as strike teams in a crowd.

  • First aid station, 2 crew members: $80/hour
  • Supplemental staffing, 2 crew members: $80/hour

How to request EMS coverage

Ready to schedule the right EMS coverage for your next event?

To request coverage, email EMSEvents@uchealth.org

If we are able to offer coverage, you will receive confirmation for your event including the type of EMS resources requested, and an estimate of the total cost.

Our billing department will send an invoice after the event. Unfortunately, we are unable to donate services for nonprofit and/or fundraising events.