Ambulance transport

When lives depend on the skills of emergency personnel, the highly trained EMT and paramedics of UCHealth EMS are ready to respond.

Two levels of ambulance response

Basic life support ambulances

Basic life support (BLS) ambulances are equipped with basic life-saving equipment and are staffed with EMTs. EMTs can control and manage bleeding, shock, pregnancy complications, minor to moderate burns, trauma, and allergic reactions. EMTs work as part of the larger system at UCHealth EMS, providing vital care on ambulances, coverage at special events, and much more.

Advanced life support ambulances

Advanced life support (ALS) ambulances are equipped with advanced life-saving equipment and are staffed with paramedics. Each ALS ambulance carries an extensive inventory of medications and state-of-the-art medical equipment to provide care to you no matter where you are. ALS paramedics have advanced skill sets that allow them to perform in-field lifesaving procedures.

Patient with UCHealth EMS response teamWhether you need an interfacility transport or a medical standby, you can be assured that UCHealth EMS has the expertise to provide optimal patient care and transport.

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