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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy at Memorial Hospital is used to help accelerate and promote wound healing, based on approved indications from UHMS (Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society) guidelines.

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For the most advanced and compassionate wound care, visit our Printers Park clinic.

Every year, 3 to 5 million Americans suffer from chronic wounds caused by diabetes, poor circulation and other conditions. If you are suffering from a wound that has not healed in the last 30 days, wound care at UCHealth Memorial Hospital can help.

Wounds may have been caused by a variety of factors: diabetes, spider or insect bites, burns, arterial ulcers, post-operative infections or problems with your immune system.

Customized care

The goal is to keep you in your home and avoid hospitalization. We tailor your care to your specific problem, coordinate home health care and help you get maximum insurance benefits for your treatment. We work with you and your family to provide information about your condition (including diabetes and dialysis) and offer preventive care such as nutrition education.

Our physician team includes plastic surgeons, vascular surgeons, podiatrists, and general practitioners. One physician team member specializes in hyperbaric medicine, an advanced therapy that helps wounds heal by delivering increased oxygen to the injured tissue.

Wound care at Memorial Hospital utilizes other state-of-the-art therapies to speed wound healing as well. You may benefit from weekly debridement, in which dead or damaged skin is removed to encourage healthy tissue growth. We have had great success with negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), in which suction is applied to the wound bed to remove excess fluid and promote healing. We are able to provide NPWT portable devices from several different manufacturers, increasing your options in order to meet your insurance requirements.

We maintain communication with your doctor and any other caregivers, keeping them apprised of your progress. After we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your condition, we will create a personal treatment plan for you. This plan includes home care instruction, education and assistance with delivery of wound supplies to your home.

If you think you would benefit from our expert wound treatment, talk to your doctor. Most of our therapies are covered by insurance.