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Masks are required in all UCHealth facilities, even if you’re vaccinated.

Before visiting someone,
please read our visitation policy to help with the planning of your visit.

Your doctor has recommended that you have an MRI of one of your joints. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses a magnetic field, radiofrequency, and a computer to create a detailed cross-sectional image of various joints. MRI can see different tissue types such as cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and meniscus. MRI technology produces good soft-tissue images and allows our board-certified Radiologist to evaluate different tissue types as well as distinguish normal, healthy tissue for disease tissue.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call us at the number above.

Before arriving at the UCHealth MRI department at the US Olympic training center

If you have a My Health Connection account you can access your MRI screening form and fill this out prior to arriving for your appointment.


UCHealth Radiology – Olympic Training Center is located near the corner of North Union Boulevard and Boulder Street in Colorado Springs, next door to UCHealth Memorial Central Hospital.  Parking instructions will be provided as you enter the gate for the Olympic Training Center.

After arriving

You will be asked to complete an MRI screening form, which will determine if an MRI is safe for you. People with various implants or metal in their bodies may have difficulty with an MRI, which utilizes a strong magnetic field.

You must tell the MRI technologist if you are pregnant.

You will be asked to change into our clothing.

During the exam

You will be asked to lie or sit on the recliner and will be placing the area of interest into the scanner. During the scan, you will hear clicking and humming and knocking sounds.

During the scan, the technologist can hear and see you.

The exam will take approximately 45-60 min.

After the exam

There are no restrictions placed on you. You may drive and eat and drink as normal. Your MRI will be interpreted by a board-certified Radiologist and the report will be sent to your physician within 2 business days. The results will be available on your my health connection account within 7 business days.

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