Now part of the UCHealth family

Dr. Christopher M. Tsoi & Northern Colorado Plastic and Hand Surgery are proud to announce that we are now UCHealth Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Fort Collins.

Your providers at UCHealth Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Fort Collins want you to feel confident, informed, and comfortable with your decision to have a surgical procedure.

Our objectives are to maintain your good health, and to assure your satisfaction with all aspects of your experience. Every member of our team takes pride in providing you with the highest level of service and medical care, from your first encounter through your last post-operative visit. We want to know if your experience is anything other than optimal.

Your initial consultation

This is your appointment to meet with the surgeon and establish rapport. You will complete a form regarding your prior medical history before the consultation. If the area of concern is covered by clothing, you may be asked to partially undress and put on a gown, so that the surgeon will be able to examine the area.

During the consultation you should discuss your present problem and goals. The surgeon will ask you about details and relevant information in your past history. He will perform an examination. Photographs may be taken for your medical record and also possibly submitted for insurance pre-authorization if required.

Once this important information has been gathered, the surgeon will explain the specifics of your condition and discuss the options available for treatment. He will also present the pros and cons of different options and the potential side effects and complications.

You will have opportunity to ask questions. We suggest you start a list of these as they come to mind; physical restrictions after surgery, recovery time, ability to care for yourself post-operatively, concerns regarding planned travel, events or vacations, etc.

If after the consultation you decide to move forward with your procedure, we will contact your insurance (if applicable) and start the process of obtaining your benefits. After we receive a response from your insurance, one of our surgery schedulers will contact you to coordinate a date.

If your procedure is of a cosmetic nature, you will be sent a quote regarding the fees. When you are ready to proceed, simply contact the surgery scheduler to coordinate a date.

Conditions and treatments

Head and face
Torso and extremities

Surgical procedures

Cosmetic surgery
Reconstructive surgery

Non-surgical treatments


Botox® is very effective in treating finer lines between the eyebrows, on the forehead, and for crow’s feet. It has a very low allergic reaction percentage and minimal side effects. It is not a filler. It prevents (paralyzes) muscle movement that creates furrows. If the lines are deep, a filler (Juvederm) might be recommended in conjunction with Botox.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels use glycolic acid and alpha hydroxyacids, known as “fruit acid” because they are found naturally in fruit. The treatment exfoliates excess build-up of dead cells that gives the skin a dull thick appearance. Offers quicker results than microdermabrasion and is effective after surgical procedures such as a facelift or blepharoplasty.


Dermabrasion is used to lessen the appearance of acne, surgical or injury scars and fine line wrinkles. In this treatment, a specialist uses a controlled surgical “sanding/scraping” away of the outermost layer of skin using a special tool. The surgeon determines the safest level that will soften the edges of surface irregularities and refinish the skin’s top layers.


Juvederm® is a filler for deeper furrows and wrinkles. It’s an effective non invasive procedure for those who do not want a facelift. Results usually last approximately nine months to a year. Treatments will need to be repeated to maintain appearance.


Microdermabrasion can be used for facial, de’colletage, hands and scarred areas. The body sees it as an injury to the stratum corneum (outermost layer of skin) and begins to reproduce fresh cells. It uses multifaceted crystals delivered at a variable rate of suction/flow to provide the optimal level of power and deliver the best results. Once a series is completed, monthly maintenance is recommended.


Radiesse uses injectable volumizing filler that and helps stimulate your body to produce collagen. It is used to fill deeper areas than Juvaderm. It is best for areas over bony areas of the face such as forehead, chin and cheekbones. Your surgeon will determine which filler is most appropriate for your situation.