Longmont Clinic’s endocrinologists specialize in treating disorders of the endocrine system such as diabetes, thyroid and pituitary disorders, and other hormonal problems.

Experts in endrocrine disorders

Our board-certified endocrinologists specialize in adult endocrine disorders and also care for children with diabetes or thyroid disease.

Special interests include:

  • Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
  • Insulin pump and sensor therapy
  • Thyroid disease – including hyperthyroid, thyroid nodules, goiter and thyroid cancer
  • Pituitary diseases and pituitary tumors
  • Adrenal disorders and adrenal tumors
  • Menstrual disturbance
  • Male hormonal problems

We look forward to meeting your health care needs. We welcome new patients with a referral from a primary care physician.

Our diabetes team

UCHealth Longmont Clinic’s Diabetes Care Team is a nationally recognized program that meets the American Diabetes Association standards for care and education.

Our team of endocrinologists and certified diabetes educators (registered nurses and registered dietitians) provide individual and group education, support and counseling for adults and children with diabetes and their families.

Our program offers information and support that will increase your understanding and empower you to manage diabetes, including:

  • Individual care and education
  • Access to support groups
  • Community-wide educational programs (available upon request)
  • Community resources
  • Individual consultation and classes (available with a referral from your primary physician)
  • Diabetes classes and individual consultations are a Medicare benefit

Our monthly Diabetes Day to Day classes are designed for people newly diagnosed with diabetes or who desire better control. Registered dietitians and nurses will help you learn about:

  • Carbohydrate Counting
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Dining Out
  • Illness Concerns
  • Exercise
  • Monitoring Tips and Timing
  • Diabetes Medications
  • Correcting the Highs and Lows