Memorial Hospital plays an active role in the following injury prevention programs:

For information about injury prevention programs or to set up a presentation, please call trauma services at Memorial Hospital at 719-365-2872 or send an email

Trauma talks Tough

This program provides education for young drivers and at-risk youth from the medical perspective and offers both consequences of unsafe driving practices and wise choices. Trauma Services will offer this program presentation to both small classrooms and large auditoriums at area high schools in conjunction with Drive Smart High School Challenge The presentation includes an Emmy nominated documentary filmed in El Paso County, called “An Adventurous Heart”.

Abusive Head Trauma Prevention Program

The Abusive Head Trauma Prevention Program was started in August 2009. This very important program was developed in response to a sudden increase in shaken baby syndrome (now called abusive head trauma) in our region.

Based on the research of Dr. Mark Dias of Hershey Medical Center in Penn State, the program provides one-on-one education at the bedside. Parents learn that babies cry a lot and they should have a plan in place for when frustration builds. This standard-of-care education is provided to all new families in partnership with providers and law enforcement throughout the area.

Stepping On

Stepping On is an evidence-based fall prevention workshop for older adults who have fallen or are afraid of falling.  The groups meet for 2 hours a week for 7 weeks to learn balance and strengthening exercises, as well as various strategies to prevent falling.


Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth.  The P.A.R.T.Y. program is an international evidence-based program that provides education for young drivers and at-risk youth from the law enforcement and medical perspective that includes both a hospital-based version and an on-the-road version.


CarFit is a 12-point checklist for older drivers that improves safety and reduces injuries in a crash. This program is designed for individuals or groups and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete each individual.

Stop The Bleed!

Motivated by the tragedy at Sandy Hook, this national education program is designed to teach civilians to intervene and prevent death between the time of injury and the arrival of first responders.  This program is one hour in length.