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Heart Transplant

At University of Colorado Health, we’ve performed hundreds of successful heart transplants in adults and children since 1986. Our experience and volume are key factors in our strong outcomes.

Why choose UCHealth for your heart transplant?

You benefit from a team of highly skilled experts and an integrated approach that meets your medical, surgical, psychological, spiritual, nutritional, and financial needs. Our program is based at University of Colorado Hospital in metro Denver, where we devote an entire floor to transplant patients.

It’s reassuring to know that:

  • Our heart transplant program is recognized as an Optum® Center of Excellence, a distinction that means we meet or exceed nationally recognized standards of care.
  • Our one-year survival rate after transplantation is over 90 percent; the three-year rate is over 85 percent.
  • A patient’s average hospital stay (from date of transplant to discharge) for a heart transplant is 14 days.
  • We’re continually conducting research to minimize rejection and improve outcomes.
  • We are Medicare-approved and considered a Center of Excellence by many insurance carriers.

About heart transplants

A heart transplant is sometimes the only option for someone with congestive heart failure who has not responded to medical treatment. These transplants use the heart of a person who is brain-dead.

Transplant: Getting a Second Opinion

A transplant is major surgery. It’s important to feel comfortable with both your doctors and the staff, as you will spend much time with them. University of Colorado Health is happy to offer a second opinion. Ask your doctor to refer you for an appointment.




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