University of Colorado Hospital Launches “Human Harmonic” Album

UCH creates the first musical representation of the human body at work
April 8, 2015

Contact: Jessica Berry  720-848-5878; [email protected]

AURORA, Colo. – The University of Colorado Hospital (UCH), has created a symphony of sound based on different aspects of the human body.  Billed as “an album 200,000 years in the making,” the Human Harmonic project enlisted the help of audio engineers to convert data from DNA sequences and ECG and EEG readings into a sonic representation of the human body.

The sound of a heartbeat is the most mainstream in our society.  It’s used in movies as sound effects, or to lull babies to sleep—we can even listen to the beats of our own heart through a stethoscope.

But we wondered, what would other functions of the human body sound like?  What if we assigned musical notes to health indicators like a DNA strain, or brain activity? UCH’s Human Harmonic project created a symphony of sound, opening our ears to the complexity and beauty of the human body in a completely new way.

To create the track, we sourced data from four fields of medicine: cardiology, neuroscience, oncology, and endocrinology. On the website, you can isolate the elements of the track to hear only one piece at a time.

One of the tracks used in the Human Harmonic Project was based on a sequence of DNA.  Increasingly, our doctors now read parts of our DNA sequences to diagnose disease, predict future health problems, and determine which medicines might work best to treat illnesses.  Some doctors predict that in a few years, nearly all patients will have their DNA sequences included as part of their medical record.

“Scientists have made great strides in understanding how cells ‘read’ our DNA sequences, but we have limited understanding of what this process ’sounds’ like to a cell. And while we cannot shrink ourselves down to the size of a human cell, I found it soothing to listen to a DNA sequence transformed into a musical experience and briefly contemplate some of the biological harmony contained in our DNA,” said Dr. Matt Taylor, director of the Genetics and Personalized Medicine program at UCH.

The tracks can be accessed at and downloaded at no charge.

About University of Colorado Hospital

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