UCHealth brings 3-D mammography to northern Colorado

Studies: 3-D mammography improves breast cancer detection, reduces false alarms
Nov. 3, 2015

This is the first time the 3-D technology has been available to patients in Fort Collins.

Multiple studies, including one published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, show 3-D mammography results in up to a 40 percent increased breast cancer detection rate, while simultaneously decreasing the chance of false positives by 15 to 40 percent. Fewer false positives mean fewer patients will experience stress about the possibility of having cancer, when in fact they don’t have cancer. This also reduces the likelihood for additional imaging and biopsies, which means patients’ care is both safer and less expensive.

Amanda Wood, manager of breast imaging.

Amanda Wood, manager of breast imaging for UCHealth in northern Colorado, said the 3-D mammogram process is similar to the conventional 2-D process except in 3-D mammography, the machine captures images from multiple angles in a single compression. The images are then reconstructed into a more detailed 3-D format that gives the radiologist a clearer, more detailed view of the breast tissue.

Through 3-D mammography, we will be able to detect invasive cancers that may not have been detected with the 2-D process alone. And, because the screening is more accurate, it means greater peace of mind for our patients,” Wood said.


UCHealth is now offering 3-D mammography in northern Colorado:

  • Fort Collins: Available now at the Breast Diagnostic Center on the Harmony Campus.
  • Loveland: Will be available by the end of the year at the Breast Diagnostic Center at Medical Center of the Rockies.
  • Greeley: Will be available in the summer of 2016 at UCHealth’s Greeley Medical Clinic.

The 3-D technology is now available at the Breast Diagnostic Center at Harmony Campus in Fort Collins and will be available before the end of the year at the Breast Diagnostic Center at Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland. In addition, UCHealth will be offering 3-D mammography at Greeley Medical Clinic by summer 2016.

The American College of Radiology recommends that a woman of average risk begin routine annual screening mammography at age 40 and continue for as long as she is in good health. The American Cancer Society recommends that women begin mammograms at age 45. In cases where breast cancer runs in the family, or in other special circumstances, a doctor may recommend starting mammograms at an earlier age. UCHealth experts recommend that all women have a conversation with their primary care provider to determine what’s best for them.

For more information, or to book a screening with any of UCHealth’s Breast Diagnostic Center locations, call 970.207.4700.

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