Olivia Connett

March 23, 2023
A photo of Olivia Connett
Olivia Connett

Locating the comforts of home

Going to a hospital can feel inherently stressful. Preparing for your stay by packing a handful of familiar items will likely make your stay easier by providing some comforts of home.

One patient knew she was going to spend several nights in the hospital and packed accordingly, ensuring she had all of the necessities needed for her extended stay.

Olivia Connett, emergency department nurse at UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central, was getting the patient checked in and settled in her room when she learned the patient’s belongings were missing.

The patient felt stressed and Connett was eager to reunite the patient with her belongings.

Connett went searching.

“Let’s start from square one,” Connett said, as she started investigating the whereabouts of the patient’s belongings. She gathered a detailed description from the patient and back-tracked the patient’s travel from a free standing emergency department and an ambulance transfer.

After several phone calls, Connett’s persistence paid off. She located the patient’s belongings in an ambulance. Before her shift ended, Connett assured the patient that her belongings were found and would be returned to her.

The following day, Connett checked in on the patient and saw her belongings in her room.

“She had her walker, she had her bag of clothes and chargers and things to keep her entertained while she was in the hospital,” Connett said. “She was so relieved.”

“I felt happy for her,” Connett said. “I felt better knowing that she had her things and had a more comfortable and enjoyable stay with us because she had all of her belongings.”

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