New sleep apnea treatment restores patient’s quality of life

Jan. 26, 2016

Anita suffered from sleep apnea resulting in severe migraine headaches. Anita sought sleep apnea treatment and was prescribed a CPAP device. The CPAP device, which is a large mask that Anita wore while sleeping, made her feel very claustrophobic. As an alternative, Anita decided to try the breakthrough Inspire Therapy treatment at UCHealth. Inspire Therapy is a sleep apnea treatment that works inside your body with your natural breathing process and uses electrical currents to control the placement of your tongue. Anita was the first patient in the Rocky Mountain Region to receive the implantable Inspire Therapy device to treat her obstructive sleep apnea. The procedure was a complete success and now Anita can sleep at night without disrupting her breathing. UCHealth is the first in the region to offer Inspire Therapy. “It’s phenomenal. It works. That’s the best part.”

About the author

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