MANtenance: Men’s Health Awareness

Jan. 26, 2016

For MANtenance, a men’s health awareness initiative spanning the month of November, UCHealth partnered with professional sports teams around Denver to encourage men to get regular health checkups to detect any issues early. MANtenance advocates, including pro athletes, sporting blue sweatshirts and blue mustaches took to the streets to spread awareness for men’s health. As blue is the national color of the men’s health movement, many Denver sports venues and other buildings were lit up in blue lighting.

With MANtenance in full swing, Colorado professional athletes weighed in on the importance of routine men’s health checkups and how health problems have affected them personally.

“This is something, up until 10 years ago I didn’t take seriously, and once I started to have some symptoms, now it’s something that the folks at UCHealth have taught me a lot about. I’m thankful to be able to talk to people that actually know what they are talking about.” – Mark Randall, retired NBA Nuggets Forward

“Diabetes hit me on a personal level because I lost both of my uncles and now my grandmother, she is an amputee.” – DeMarcus Ware, Pro-Bowl NFL Linebacker of the Denver Broncos

“I lost my father in-law about 12 years ago to prostate cancer, and you know what? It could have all been avoided had he just taken care of his prostate health.” – Mark Schlereth, 3-Time Super Bowl Champion and NFL Analyst

“I like to enjoy life, enjoy my kids, my family, and laugh every day. I want you guys to understand how important it is to go see the doctor and get regular checkups to enjoy a healthy life.” – Vinny Castilla, 2-Time MLB All-Star

“You get these checkups, you get your cholesterol checked, you get some blood work done, so you know kind of where you are.” – Peyton Manning, Former Denver Broncos Quarterback, 5-Time NFL MVP and 2-Time Super Bowl Champion

UCHealth encourages men to be aware of their health and start a dialogue with their physicians about men’s health and the diseases that affect men. MANtenance is key: Get your checklist from UCHealth at and go another 100,000 Miles

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