Transplant referrals

Working together: referring/community physicians and transplant specialists.

For a physician-to-physician consultation, or to initiate a transfer request,
call our DocLine at 844.285.4555 (available 24/7).

For providers and patients, submit referrals for:

Heart transplant

Tel: 720.848.0850
Fax: 720.848.0851

Lung transplant

Tel: 720.848.2241
Fax: 720.848.2242

Community physicians’ role in patient care

  • Ongoing patient care and case management
  • Referral to UCHealth for transplant evaluation
  • Provide patient clinical records for transplant evaluation
  • Co-manage plan of care after initial surgical recovery
Lady and Doc talking

Transplant specialists’ role in patient care

  • Pre-transplant evaluation (clinical, psychosocial and surgical suitability for transplant)
  • Listing patient on national waiting list
  • Coordinate care plan in tandem with community physician
  • Ongoing communication with community physician after every pre-transplant visit with patient
  • Transplantation and surgical recovery management
  • Implement immunosuppression protocols
  • Calibrate care and medications for 30-90 days post transplant
  • Provide progress reports to community physician during peri- and post-op phases