UCHealth’s liver transplant team, based at University of Colorado Hospital, is unmatched in volume by any other program in the Rocky Mountain region. We perform over 80 liver transplants annually.

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Why choose UCHealth for your liver transplant?

The first liver transplant in the world was performed at our hospital in 1963 by world-renowned surgeon Thomas Starzl, MD. Since pioneering this surgery, we’ve performed thousands of liver transplants in adults and children. We also have extensive experience in performing living-donor liver transplants.

Under the leadership of Igal Kam, MD, we’ve made significant technological and treatment advances that greatly increase the likelihood that liver transplant patients lead a normal life after transplant surgery. At University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) in metro Denver, we devote an entire floor to transplant patients.

It’s reassuring to know that:

  • Our one-year survival rate is one of the highest among centers performing over 60 liver transplants per year.
  • Our three-year survival rate is 85 percent.
  • You’ll receive medical care from a team of experts specifically trained to address the special needs of transplant patients.
  • The average hospital stay from date of transplant to discharge is 12 days.

Types of liver transplants

Cadaver transplant

A cadaver transplant uses the liver of a person who is brain-dead. This is the most common type of liver transplant.

Living donor transplant

As the name suggests, a living donor transplant comes from a live person, usually a relative or close friend who donates a portion of his/her liver to the person in need of the transplant.

Learn more about living liver donation.

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