As an executive, you understand the value of making the most productive use of your time. That also means giving your health the priority it deserves. The Executive Health Program (EHP) at UCHealth lets you take charge of your health efficiently and effectively.

Get your health checkup scheduled today

We’re ready to set up an appointment for you or one of your executives. Email now or call for more information:

  • Denver metro – 720-848-2370
  • Toll-free – 888-456-8416

We can also arrange a tour of our facilities or a visit to your office to discuss how our Executive Health Program can benefit your company and your employees.

What to bring

  • A list of current medications
  • Previous medical records—or you can have them transferred to us before your appointment

Insurance & payment

“The Executive Health Program is outstanding. I get both excellent care and enough time with the doctor, who is truly concerned about my well-being and keeping me healthy. Anyone who doesn’t take part in this program is missing out on the very best care in Colorado. This program never fails to impress me.”

John Medved, President, Medved Chevrolet

As a fee-for-service offering, EHP is not affiliated with, billed to, or collected from any insurance carriers, managed care plans, or Medicare.

You are legally responsible for all charges connected with the medical care and treatment provided by the representatives of the program, including any unforeseen hospital stays or additional services not provided in the EHP package.