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Qualifications and experience

Blood / Lymphatic System, Blood / Lymphatic System - Clotting Disorders, Brain and Nervous System, Brain and Nervous System - Cerebral Palsy, Brain and Nervous System - Neurovascular Conditions, Brain and Nervous System - Stroke, Child Neurology
Languages spoken
Medical School
University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine (2002)

University of California (San Francisco) Program (2004)

University of California (San Francisco) Program (2008)

University of California–San Diego (CA) (1997)

University of California, Berkeley (2001)

Clinical interest for patients

While in medical school, I discovered that working with brain-injured children was a rewarding privilege. Children’s disabilities not only affected themselves but the entire family unit. The more I worked with these children, the more I felt that if we were able to prevent brain injury before birth, the personal, familial, and societal benefits would be substantial. I have been able to combine my research interests in pregnancy with my passion for caring for disabled children and their families.

Research interest for patients

My research focuses on neuroplacentology - how the maternal-placental-fetal system informs fetal programming and neurodevelopmental outcomes including perinatal brain injury and beyond. My special expertise is disorders of coagulation in pregnancy, the placenta, and fetus.

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