I am a board-certified medical oncologist dedicated to the care of women with breast cancer. It is my goal to provide compassionate and individualized care for my patients. I enjoy spending time with the women I see so that they completely understand their particular situation, are fully informed, and feel comfortable about their treatment options. In addition, I am a regular and active participant in the weekly UCHealth multidisciplinary conference for breast cancer. These conferences bring together devoted specialists in medical oncology, surgery, radiation oncology and others to provide state-of-the-art care for each person. I trained with world-renowned breast cancer experts at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, and had a specific focus as an oncology fellow in the care of young women with breast cancer. I now see hundreds of women with breast cancer, and I strive to learn more and provide better care every day. I am on a committee that meets quarterly to improve national guidelines for breast cancer treatment. I try to read everything I can about breast cancer, and I attend at least three breast cancer conferences per year. I want to help women in this region beat breast cancer and live better. I take care of women (and men) throughout northern Colorado, Wyoming and western Nebraska. I also provide second opinions for those traveling from further away. We have many breast cancer clinical trials at our center and offer these when appropriate. Breast cancer is common and can be treated by oncologists who do not have a special focus in breast cancer, but I am often asked to help when decisions are more complex. I also treat men with breast cancer. Nobody in Colorado focuses only on male breast cancer because it is less common, but I am very familiar with all treatment options for male breast cancer, as well. Both cancer and its treatment can create daily challenges. To help, I coordinate comprehensive care with social workers, financial counselors, physical therapists, reproductive endocrinologists and other healthcare providers. Our Wellness Place (just down the hall in the same Cancer Center building) offers valuable services like yoga, acupuncture, nutrition counseling, massage therapy, lymphedema management, and a gym for an exercise program to counter fatigue. We also have a team of oncology pharmacists who help assess which vitamins and supplements may be safely integrated with recommended cancer treatment. I also work with a team within my office to be sure that the best care is always provided. On the first day one of our patient navigators, Jamie or Teri, is present to take notes as I answer questions and explain what we know so far, what we may need to still find out, and importantly, the different treatment options. They also provide a folder of written information and resources and coordinate various appointments, especially during the overwhelming first few months after a new breast cancer diagnosis. My experienced triage nurse, Shawna, helps over the phone (or by email through My Health Connection), with concerns, basic questions, symptoms or medication refills. This helps me focus on the women I am seeing in the clinic that day, but she finds me whenever there are urgent needs. My wonderful nurse practitioner, Lexi Laursen, also has a special focus helping women with breast cancer, and does many breast exams alternating with me for long term surveillance once women are doing well. My medical assistant, Sydney, is a delight, and gets to know everyone while checking vital signs and reviewing medications. She also takes care of important details, like reminder calls for labs, making the more complex appointments and referrals, obtaining and sending records for those also receiving care outside of UCHealth, and completing forms needed for work. And lastly, our cancer center has evening and weekend support through a rotating on-all schedule of oncologists, including me. The same phone number is used to reach everyone in this paragraph, with a live person answering 24/7, at 970.493.6337. After an initial consultation, I can also be personally contacted by email through My Health Connection at any time with non-emergent follow-up questions, and and I take the time to provide thoughtful replies through message appointments. I encourage and welcome questions. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and two daughters. I grew up in England and then outside Philadelphia, and I unfortunately emerged from childhood with the Philly accent, not the British one. After college at Princeton, I was up and down the East coast with my husband while he was in the Navy for over 10 years. We have lived in Fort Collins since 2013 and hope to stay here forever.


Monday: 7am - 5pm
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Monday: 8am - 4:30pm
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Qualifications and experience

Medical Oncology, Cancers, Cancers - Breast Cancer, Hematology and Oncology
Languages spoken
Medical School
Yale University School of Medicine

University of Pennsylvania Health System

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Clinical interest for patients

• Hormone receptor positive breast cancer
• HER2 positive breast cancer
• Triple negative breast cancer
• Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS)
• Young women with breast cancer
• Women of all ages with breast cancer
• Men with breast cancer
• Clinical trials for breast cancer

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