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More than 114,000 people in the United States are on the waiting list for organ transplants, and living organ donors create an alternative for those waiting transplantation from deceased donors. Often, this provides a faster, better, high-quality donation for the recipient.

Living organ donation facts:

  • Living donation increases the organ supply, saving more lives.
  • For kidney donors, the average person can function completely normally with one kidney.
  • For liver donors, the liver will regenerate and function normally.

High-quality care for the donor.

Living organ donors receive personalized care, including screenings, education, counseling and high-quality medical and surgical care from transplant specialists.

Colorado leads the nation in living organ donation, and UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital has performed more life-saving transplants than any other medical center in the Rocky Mountain Region.

How to become a living donor.

Fill out an online health history questionnaire. This questionnaire is confidential, and you can exit the process at any time. It is not a commitment to donate. Once your form is received and reviewed, a member of our Living Donor Team will contact you to discuss next steps.

Find out if you’re eligible to donate your kidney or a portion of your liver

When you have something to give.

Brandi Thornton, an elementary health clerk in Boulder County and mother of two school-age girls, recently donated a portion of her liver—two years after donating one of her kidneys.