Facility fees pay for your care team beyond your doctors, who usually bill separately.

The fee is based on the staff members who care for you and the complexity of the services provided. It is the only source of funds to pay for the staff and resources other than the doctor or advanced practice provider.

Patients typically receive two bills at provider-based clinics – a professional fee and a facility fee:

  • The professional fee only pays for the time the doctor or advanced practice provider spends with you.
  • The facility fee pays for all other people and resources required for your care.
Provider's Fee-Factura del profesional de la salud
  • Doctor or Advanced Practice Provider / médico o profesional de práctica avanzada.
Facility Fee-Factura por los servicios clínicos y las instalaciones
  • Nurses/enfermeras
  • Nursing Assistants/asistentes de enfermería
  • Security/seguridad
  • Housekeeping/limpieza
  • Pharmacist/farmacéutico
  • IT equipment and staff/personal y equipo de informática
  • Social Workers/trabajadores sociales
  • Medical equipment and supplies/equipo médico
  • Facility costs/costo de las instalaciones 

When you receive a single bill after visiting some freestanding locations, it combines charges for facility and professional fees into one bill. It includes both costs.

Some have proposed prohibiting facility fees for some outpatient clinics, including preventive and telehealth services. This would leave virtually no reimbursement for care from our nurses and dedicated staff members in these clinics.

Some clinics would be unable to support staff members, and this could reduce patients’ access to important care including Pap and HIV tests, mammograms, diabetes screening, cancer screenings, virtual behavioral health and specialist appointments, and more.

For more information on facility fees, please visit the Colorado Hospital Association.