A CU Medicine provider.

I like to get to know the patients that I see – who they are, what they do and what their expectations are. I strive to be open and honest which is not always easy in cancer care. I share as much information as I can in an understandable way and believe that the more informed a person is the better.

I have two active young sons who play basketball and baseball year round. If we are not shooting hoops together we are practicing baseball or going to a game. I ski and like to work with my hands. I grew up on a rocky old ranch near Boulder where we go every weekend to cut hay, fix fences and try to grow some wine grapes.


Monday: 8am - 5pm
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Monday: 8am - 4:30pm
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Qualifications and experience

Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology, Cancers, Cancers - Breast Cancer, Cancers - Melanoma, Blood / Lymphatic System
Languages spoken
Brigham and Women's Hospital/Massachusetts General Hospital Program (1963)

Medical School
University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine (1962)

Brigham and Women's Hospital/Massachusetts General Hospital Program (1964)

University of Colorado (University Hospital) Program (1966)

Colorado State University (CO) (1962)

University of Melbourne (1968)

Clinical interest for patients

I have broad experience in the treatment of cancer using all available therapies, but I am particularly interested in the new targeted treatments that are rapidly entering clinical medicine.

Research interest for patients

I am an active clinical and basic investigator with a laboratory studying the molecular and genetic regulation of cancer development. This allows me to be on the forefront of new developments and use laboratory derived knowledge to develop new targeted treatments.

Volunteer activities

I have spent almost two years working in India and have started a scholarship program for medical students from here to go to the developing world to experience first hand the difficulties of practicing medicine in areas with limited resources.

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