Medicine often times does not have one ‘right answer.’ Many times there are multiple ways to approach a disease or concern. Therefore, knowing patients and their families and considering their values and personalities is key to providing care that is ‘right for them.

Why UCHealth?
I value being up to date and accurate so I can provide the best medicine and information possible. Being with the University I can be confident that my employer and colleagues share this value. I am also excited to serve my community in Longmont as it is also my home.

Why I got into profession?
I grew up loving health and medicine. When I spent two summers as a camp counselor for a children’s summer camp I fell in love with children and knew pediatrics was my calling. I have been a PA in pediatrics since 2007.

I love being active outside – snowboarding, biking, skate skiing, running and hiking. I also enjoy cooking, travel and historical fiction.

Family/Volunteer information:
I am married and have two daughters.

This provider cares for children ages 0-17 years old.


Monday: 8am - 5pm
Tuesday: 8am - 5pm
Wednesday: 8am - 5pm
Thursday: 8am - 5pm
Friday: 8am - 5pm
Saturday: 8am - Noon
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 8am - 8pm
Tuesday: 8am - 8pm
Wednesday: 8am - 8pm
Thursday: 8am - 8pm
Friday: 8am - 8pm
Saturday: 8am - noon
Sunday: Closed

Qualifications and experience

Child and Teen Health, Child and Teen Health - Children's Health, Child and Teen Health - Infant and Toddler Health, Child and Teen Health - Parenting, Child and Teen Health - Pediatric Diseases and Conditions, Food, Food, Nutrition and Metabolism - Nutrition, Immune System - Allergies, Injuries and Wounds, Lungs and Breathing - Asthma, Pediatrics, Women's Health - Breast Feeding
The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

University of Colorado at Boulder