My philosophy of care is to know the patient – knowing them as a person, what they value, what is important to them.

Also knowing their physiologic responses to medications or interventions I may order. Each patient is unique and individual and knowing them both personally and physiologically allows me to create the best healing environment for them. Many of our surgical procedures cause an enormous emotional impact for patients and their families. They are facing their mortality or may be facing other changes to their life as they know it. I want to be there for each patient and their family to help them through this uncertain time in their lives. Creating this healing environment goes beyond the surgery or hospitalization. Ensuring that resources are available and in place to continue the healing outside of the hospital setting is an important role of the Nurse practitioner.

Family information
I am married with two stepdaughters and recently became a grandmother. I love to stand-up paddle board, dance, travel on cycling adventures and cook.


Qualifications and experience

Surgery - Adult Cardiac Surgery
Languages spoken
Clinical interest for patients

My interests include creating improvements with the electronic health records as we care for patients.
Incorporating new technology and advancements in research to our program.
Patient education.
Nursing education

Research interest for patients

Bringing new technology and advancements in research to our program, such as creating a Cardiac Surgery Advanced Life support program which would be the first in Colorado and the third such program in the nation.

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