Fundamentally I believe that all people are innately whole. The human person is a unitary being, comprising psychological, social and interpersonal, spiritual, and biological dimensions. Emotional wellbeing is an integral part to leading a balanced and fulfilling life. When there is emotional dis-ease, there is pain and suffering. Therapy offers the space and time to slow down, reflect and gain clarity into our emotional experiences.

My goal is to reduce the intensity and frequency of my client’s emotional pain and suffering and self-defeating behaviors. I work with my clients to cultivate skills to achieve their goals and life satisfaction, with a strong emphasis on cognitive-behavioral theory (CBT) and techniques. My therapeutic lens focuses on the present, while helping clients to understand how historical events and relationships may still be influencing their thoughts, behaviors, and feeling today. Active methods of coping with the here-and-now are emphasized.

For 10 years my specialty has involved in anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, social anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, marital conflict, pre-marital therapy, parenting, general disaffection with life and emotional disturbance to due life circumstances.

I have been happily married for 33 years. My husband and I have raised three boys, which has given me life experience in the joys and challenges of marriage and children. I have two grandsons, whom I adore. I love being outdoors and spending quality time with my girlfriends and family. I have been cancer free for four years! Having battled cancer I recognize everyday is a gift. I love being a therapist and honor the fact that others permit me to walk along side of them during difficult and challenging times.


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Liberty University (2015)

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