Maryjean Starr PT, DPT Originally from Cleveland Ohio, Maryjean is no stranger to the physical therapy world. As a 3-sport athlete (soccer, swimming, and track) growing up, a trip to the physical therapist was not uncommon. Her passion for physical therapy was piqued when she had a negative experience with a therapist. Seeing the need for compassionate individuals, who want to make a difference in people’s lives for the better. This started her on her journey into the physical therapy world. Her undergrad degrees are in Accounting B.S and Psychology B.A. from Case Western Reserve University. She earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy through the University of Pittsburgh. Don’t be fooled by the schools, she is an Ohio State Buckeye at heart.   

Maryjean has been treating for 7 years in a variety of settings: inpatient acute, inpatient rehab, skilled nursing facilities, home health, outpatient hospital and private practice. During her time as a therapist, she has pursued education in manual therapy skills while focusing on treating pelvic floor conditions.  As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Maryjean does not just focus on the symptoms or single condition a client has complaints about. She goes after the root of the issue for faster lasting results. Her respect for the body and person she is treating transcends the traditional formality of traditional physical therapists. Listening to the client and their body is a guidepost for her treatments. Maryjean addresses client’s complaints from the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual levels allowing for healing to come from the client not the therapist. Maryjean has a passion for reaching pregnant and postpartum women especially athletes. She is a certified Body Ready Method pro®. 

In Maryjean’s spare time, you can find her hiking in the mountains, training for triathlons, dancing, putting together puzzles, reading, growing spiritually or just having fun hanging out with friends/family. 


Monday: 7am - 6pm
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Rehabilitation Therapy - Physical Therapy, Women's Health , Men's Health
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