I believe that to achieve the best progress, a patients physical, mental and emotional wellbeing must be incorporated into the treatment program. This is especially true when addressing chronic conditions, in which trauma may be involved. Helping patients identify areas in their bodies that hold tension, is key in identifying perpetuating factors in any dysfunction. My main treatment approach utilizes osteopathic manual therapy and myofascial release techniques to achieve the best possible outcomes. I also incorporate breathwork and meditation techniques in my treatment philosophy to help deepen the patient’s connection to their body so that they can identify areas of stress before they become problematic.

Why UCHealth?

I spent the previous 18 years specializing in combining the wisdom of two different healing perspectives; physical therapy and psychotherapy in the treatment of chronic pain and PTSD/Traumatic Stress. When my son went off to college, I wanted to become part of an organization that was on the forefront of medicine. I wanted an organization that would appreciate my background and allow me to teach my unique perspective. UCHealth was the only real choice as it is a leading teaching hospital in the nation.


I enjoy weight training, aerobics, hiking, biking, photography, reading, cross-country and telemark skiing, carpentry, Salsa Dancing and playing my various traditional and Native American flutes.



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Qualifications and experience

Rehabilitation Therapy - Physical Therapy
Languages spoken
Clinical interest for patients

My interests include outpatient orthopedics with a focus on treating patients that may have a traumatic background which may hinder their progress in rehabilitation. I enjoy working with patients that have post-surgical complications and recurrent problems that are not responding to traditional care. I also teach self-care and assist the aging athlete to maintain their quality of life.

Research interest for patients

My academic interests are to explore how trauma and PTSD affect the nervous system and how treatment approaches in rehabilitation must be altered to achieve the best possible outcomes. I strive to expand the influence of Integrative Physical Therapy into the various departments within the UCHealth system. I coordinate with The Center for Dependency and Addiction Recovery (CeDAR) to bring a holistic integrative approach to include bodywork, movement and breathing activities to help patients overcome their issues of dependency and addiction. I also work in The Center for Integrative Medicine at UCHealth which provides me with another opportunity to treat patients with an integrative approach.

Volunteer activities

I provide physical therapy consultation services to my mountain community of Pinewood Springs.

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