I graduated with a bachelor’s in social work in 2003 from the University of Central Florida and a master’s in social work in 2004 from East Carolina University. I have been practicing independently as a licensed clinical social worker for over 14 years. Helping others has always been at my core. I have extensive training and experience in family systems and childhood trauma and have worked in a variety of settings, from small non-profits to larger governmental agencies. I take a person-centered approach, meaning each individual’s experience is unique to them. What is beneficial to one person is not beneficial to another. I take time to understand what you are experiencing in the current moment and stand alongside you to help you achieve your goals and desires. I integrate mindfulness, gratitude and solution-focused approaches when working with individuals. Life circumstances may not be able to be changed, but how you experience them can.

I moved to Colorado in 2017 and previously lived in various locations in the US and Japan. I enjoy traveling, experiencing new cultures and trying new things. When not working, you can find me exploring my creative side, from photography to wood working.


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Qualifications and experience

Mental Health and Behavior, Mental Health and Behavior - Mood and Anxiety, Mental Health and Behavior - Eating Disorders
Languages spoken
Master of Social Work
East Carolina University (2004)

Board Certification
Certification Agency Specialty Year
The Original Intuitive Eating Pros Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor 2021
Clinical interest for patients

I am extremely passionate about body image and self-worth. As a certified intuitive eating counselor, I take an anti-diet, body-kindness approach to living a life full of health and wellness.

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