Kayla Cable is the Lead Athletic Trainer at Smoky Hill High School. Kayla graduated from MSU Denver in 2016 and immediately started working at Smoky Hill High School as the Assistant Athletic Trainer. In October of 2019 she took over as Lead Athletic Trainer. Kayla has always been interested in learning about the human body and how-to best care for it and keep it moving. She became intrigued with learning about the human body after a family member was in a serious accident and was receiving therapy services. After seeing the therapists help her family member accomplish the impossible task of re-learning how to do everything from getting dressed in the morning, regaining speech and the ability to use his upper and lower body. Kayla began taking a major interest in rehabilitation services, however after an ankle injury Kayla found herself in the athletic training room and discovered that Athletic Training was a way for her to help injured people recover using rehabilitation techniques as well as work with an active population.


Qualifications and experience

Languages spoken
Bachelor of Science
Metropolitan State University of Denver

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