My care philosophy is to provide personalized attention to every patient, taking time to listen and understand their unique situation and medical needs so that I can provide compassionate and comprehensive care.

Why UCHealth?

UCHealth is a system with demonstrated excellence in caring for patients with the whole spectrum of surgical diseases. From both minor and major elective procedures to trauma and emergency care, UCHealth provides comprehensive and professional, patient-oriented care. We strive to keep pace with the latest advancements in medicine and technology to provide up-to-date and high-quality surgical services. We value teamwork and believe in a balanced professional and personal life.

Why did you get in this profession?

It was a career that offered complexity, lifelong learning, and an opportunity to impact people’s lives.


I enjoy outdoor activities: running, cycling, backpacking, camping, kayaking, fishing, etc.

Family/Volunteer information:

My wife’s name is Erin. We have a toddler-aged daughter named Harper. I volunteer with medical missions abroad when I have the opportunity.


Monday: All day
Tuesday: All day
Wednesday: All day
Thursday: All day
Friday: All day
Saturday: All day
Sunday: All day

Qualifications and experience

Languages spoken
Bachelor of Science
Purdue University (2006)

Doctor of Medicine
Indiana University School of Medicine (2011)

Clinical interest for patients

Pancreatic cancer and pancreatic cysts


Biliary disease, strictures, choledocolithiasis

Biliary reconstruction

Reflux, peptic ulcers, esophageal motility disorders

Gastroparesis, upper GI functional disorders


Interventional endoscopy with ERCP

Minimally invasive surgery

Trauma and general surgery

Research interest for patients

Pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic denervation



Surgical workforce issues

Northern Colorado