My philosophy of care is simple. “Treat everyone as I would treat my family.”

It starts with listening. In 1905, William Osler, the founder of modern scientific medicine in the United States said, “Listen to the patient, they are telling you the diagnosis.” Along with listening, I plan to care for all of my patients with compassion. Dr. Osler later went on to say, “The secret to caring for the patient is to care for the patient.”

Together, we will work toward reaching your health goals and living your best life. I don’t see myself as the captain of the ship, but as the navigator helping you understand and improve your health in the safest way possible. If I don’t know the answer, you can be sure I will tell you and we will find out together.

Another important part of my care philosophy is the idea of “doing no harm.” It is in the first line of the Hippocratic Oath I took as a young medical student. To me, this means, assessing, understanding, expressing and discussing the risks associated with any diagnostic test, medicine or procedure so that together, we can make an informed decision that will maximize the benefit and minimize any potential risks associated with each choice.

In summary, my intention is to use all the tools of modern medicine to care for you as I would a member of my family and help you on your journey to reach your optimum health.

My wife and I met in undergrad in Colorado (too long ago.) She is an art teacher in Denver. We have lived Colorado off and on for the last 15 years. We love cooking, traveling, reading, Nordic skiing and playing chess. We spent a year traveling around the world together, and some of our favorite places were Vietnam, Spain and India. We have a poorly behaved lab named Douglas.


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Qualifications and experience

Internal Medicine
Languages spoken
University of Colorado School of Medicine (2017)

Medical School
Emory University School of Medicine (2013)

Masters of Public Health
Emory University - Rollins School of Public Health (2012)

University of Northern Colorado (2007)

Board Certification
Certification Agency Specialty Year
American Board of Internal Medicine Internal Medicine 2016
Clinical interest for patients

Food As Medicine
Functional Medicine
Heart Failure

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