I think it’s very important to remember that each patient is unique and while we are treating an injury or illness, we must look at the patient as a whole. We need to find out what is important to the patient in regards to their treatment and recovery and let that be a guiding force when creating a treatment plan. For example, if a patient is very active and likes hiking, we need to do our best to help them return to such activities. While repairing a physical injury is a huge part of our job, we have to remember that is not the only aspect of a patient we are responsible for.

Johanna Moore graduated with a Masters from the University of Colorado Springs as a nurse practitioner. Her background is in disease management, orthopedics and working with a team that treats acute and chronic sports injuries. Johanna enjoys hiking, reading and spending time outdoors with the family.


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Orthopedic Surgery, Bones, Joints and Muscles, Bones, Joints and Muscles - Fractures, Bones, Joints and Muscles - Hip Injuries and Disorders, Bones, Joints and Muscles - Knee Injuries and Disorders, Bones, Joints and Muscles - Leg Injuries and Disorders, Bones, Joints and Muscles - Shoulder Injuries and Disorders, Bones, Joints and Muscles - Sprains and Strains
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