A CU Medicine provider.

My work with patients revolves around a central tenet that people do not develop substance abuse and other psychiatric conditions in a vacuum. It is important to acknowledge this, identify what parts of a patient’s life are related to their condition(s), and how skills can be applied within these contexts.


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Qualifications and experience

Mental Health and Behavior, Mental Health and Behavior - Anxiety, Mental Health and Behavior - Depression, Psychology, Substance Abuse, Substance Abuse - Alcoholism, Substance Abuse - Drug Abuse
Languages spoken
Clinical interest for patients

My clinical work focuses on substance use disorders, as well as mindfulness-based interventions for substance use and a wide range of other conditions (e.g., depression, anxiety).

Research interest for patients

My research program consists of two broad aims addressing the causes and effects of substance use: 1) understanding the shared mechanisms of heavy substance use and co-occurring conditions; and 2) disentangling familial confounds from the causes and effects of substance use disorders.

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