As a Board Certified Allergist, I will look for potential triggers of allergic diseases in the environment or diet that may be underlying factors that prevent good control of allergy or asthma. I believe that decision making regarding a medical treatment plan involves both the patient and the patient’s family.

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I have had asthma and allergies since I was 2 and had a wonderful allergist in Denver who changed my life for the better. I hope to do the same for each patient I see.


Qualifications and experience

Allergy and Immunology, Food, Nutrition and Metabolism, Food, Nutrition and Metabolism - Food Allergies, Immune System, Immune System - Allergies, Immune System - Anaphylaxis, Immune System - Eczema, Immune System - Urticaria (Hives), Lungs and Breathing, Lungs and Breathing - Asthma, Pediatrics
Languages spoken
Medical College of Georgia Program (2004)

Indiana University School of Medicine Program (2000)

Medical School
University of Virginia School of Medicine (1999)

Indiana University School of Medicine Program (2002)

University of Virginia (VA) (1995)

Clinical interest for patients

My interests include childhood and adult asthma, seasonal or animal allergies, food allergy and eczema, and chronic sinusitis. I also have a special interest in evaluating the immune system in patients who have had “too many infections” or children who are “always sick”.

Volunteer activities

School district training for asthma and allergy, Anaphylaxis community outreach, Asthma and Allergy Educational Seminars for the local community

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