Practicing medicine is a family affair for Dr. David Corry. His grandfather was an orthopedic surgeon, his dad was a general surgeon, and his mom a nurse in the intensive care unit. The oldest of five children, Dr. Corry is a vascular and trauma surgeon, and three of his sisters are also doctors.

Dr. Corry graduated from the University of Iowa College of Medicine and completed his surgical residency at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics. He completed a fellowship in vascular surgery at New York University Medical Center.

Dr. David Corry grew up following his dad on rounds and on occasion, even observing him in the operating room. “That was what served as my inspiration to learn how to heal patients: through compassionate care and excellent surgical technique,” Corry said. But a lot has changed since then – the rapidly evolving developments in medical care and the current healthcare system are affecting patients and their providers alike. “Since completing my training in Vascular Surgery at New York University in 2002 and moving to Colorado Springs, it seems somehow that the practice of medicine has changed to become nearly unrecognizable from that of my father’s time. The new technologies that Vascular Surgeons can routinely offer patients now seemed like science fiction back then. Aortic surgery performed today can be accomplished in most cases through tiny punctures over the femoral arteries, with nearly all patients going home the next day. Endovascular technologies many times using drug-coated angioplasty balloons and stents that prevent plaque regrowth have revolutionized treatment of peripheral arterial disease, again transforming several open surgical operations into outpatient procedure,” he said. As a Vascular Surgeon, Corry’s care philosophy and goal is to apply the safest, most reliable and most contemporary treatment plan to each patient, every time. “A careful and thorough explanation of all details of a patient’s condition to that patient and their family is something I strongly believe to be invaluable. I feel fortunate to be in a position to help patients have a more pleasant experience, like those my father cared for, while at the same time offering the newer vascular surgical insight and technology benefits we have available today. To me, I see these changes as opportunities for improvement from the status quo, where we can now in fact accomplish our mission at UCHealth: We Improve Lives.”


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Qualifications and experience

Vascular Surgery, Surgery - Amputation, Surgery - Arteriovenous fistula, Surgery - Arteriovenous graft, Surgery - Complex Endovascular Aortic Surgery, Surgery - Vascular Surgery
Languages spoken
New York University Medical Center (2002)

University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics (1997)

Medical School
University of Iowa (1995)

University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics (2001)

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