Dr. Rosenbaum received his medical degree from the New York University School of Medicine. He completed his residency in internal medicine and his fellowship in cardiovascular disease at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville. Dr. Rosenbaum is board-certified in cardiology and nuclear cardiology. He specializes in general and invasive cardiology. Dr. Rosenbaum serves as the 2013-2016 governor of the American College of Cardiology Colorado Chapter. Dr. David Rosenbaum says it’s a privilege to practice cardiovascular medicine in Colorado Springs. “This is a city that I am so happy to call my home. My family, including our three children and my wonderful wife, feel fortunate to live in such an extraordinary community,” he said. “I strive to be an example for cardiovascular health through my actions and hobbies. My wife and I have followed a plant-based diet for the last four years. Bicycling to work and on the weekends helps me to maintain my own health and wellness. I also enjoy hiking with my wife and our dog, Lucy. Snowboarding with our kids in the winter is always a great time together. Colorado has so much to offer to support an active and healthy lifestyle. This beautiful state is an asset we should all leverage to improve our health.” Rosenbaum has been practicing locally for 13 years. “My goal each day is to help my patients navigate uncertain waters and deliver optimal health. Patients deserve nothing less than the best from me, my staff, and our hospital. These principles help me create a collaborative relationship with my patients so that together, we can help make the best decisions for that individual,” he said. “My philosophy is that cardiovascular health is a three-legged stool and that if all legs are strong, the stool will not tip over. The first leg is a healthy plant-based diet, the second leg is getting at least 2.5 hours of exercise per week and the final leg is medications when appropriate.” Rosenbaum said collaboration with University of Colorado Health will accelerate opportunities to enhance health and well-being. “Participation in research has allowed our practice to offer novel, lifesaving therapies. Our ability to participate in innovative therapies to lower cardiovascular risk, such as PCSK9 inhibitor studies on cholesterol, has facilitated approval of these potentially lifesaving treatments. We are the only practice in Southern Colorado to offer cardiovascular research for the betterment of our patients. “


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Cardiology, Cardiovascular Disease, Heart and Circulation, Heart and Circulation - Aneurysms, Heart and Circulation - Angina, Heart and Circulation - Arrhythmia, Heart and Circulation - Cardiomyopathy, Heart and Circulation - Circulatory Disorders, Heart and Circulation - Coronary Disease, Heart and Circulation - Heart Attack, Heart and Circulation - Heart Diseases, Heart and Circulation - Heart Diseases - Prevention, Heart and Circulation - Heart Failure, Heart and Circulation - Heart Valve Diseases, Heart and Circulation - High Blood Pressure, Heart and Circulation - Peripheral Artery Disease
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Vanderbilt University (2002)

Vanderbilt University (1999)

Medical School
New York University School of Medicine (1996)

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